Proceeds of Fund donated to NGOs addressing the global education crisis

International private equity firm, Cinven, today announces that it has signed up to the Greater Share Education Fund, a first-of-its-kind philanthropic investment model, harnessing the expertise of some of the world’s top performing private equity funds and highest impact educational NGOs to address the significant need in the global education field.

 The Greater Share Education Fund (‘GSEF’ or the ‘Fund’) is a fund-of-funds investment vehicle with the intention of attracting committed capital from a broad range of investors (Limited Partners or ‘LPs’).  This committed capital will then be invested in underlying private equity funds specially selected by Greater Share’s investment committee.

The returns generated by the GSEF will be split between the LPs of the Fund and NGOs who will receive a significant proportion.

Meanwhile, Cinven - alongside the other private equity funds selected for commitments by GSEF - will donate fees and any carry, in proportion to the investment made in the fund by GSEF, also to be distributed to the selected NGOs. This will create a multiplier effect on donations, providing NGOs with long-term, unrestricted funding to scale their impact.

The NGOs will also benefit from ongoing strategic, operational and legal assistance from Greater Share’s community of supporters, further building their ability to improve outcomes for children and reduce inequality by closing the education gap.

Eight high impact education NGOs, identified through a rigorous selection process, with a track record of using evidence-based child-centric models to transform children’s learning, will receive sustainable, long-term funding from Greater Share.


Stuart McAlpine, Managing Partner at Cinven, said:

Cinven is delighted to join Greater Share in tackling the significant global challenge of transforming education for children in under-served communities across the world.  Cinven will join the initial group of private equity firms committed to the Greater Share Education Fund and leverage the Greater Share’s innovative investment model to maximise the philanthropic impact of investments in its Funds.

“Alongside the Cinven Foundation, founded in 2008, today’s announcement is the most recent example of Cinven’s commitment to effecting positive change in the communities in which we operate and more broadly.”


The eight NGOs which will receive long-term funding from Greater Share are:

  • aeioTU | transforming communities through developing children’s potential in innovative and sustainable ways in Latin America
  • CAMFED | providing opportunities for women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Kaivalya | building the motivation and capacity of education system leaders in India
  • KIPP | operating a network of high-quality public charter schools in financially under-resourced communities in the US
  • London Early Years Foundation | providing access to high quality, affordable early childhood education and care in London
  • The National Institute for Student Success |increasing college attainment while reducing equity gaps in the US
  • Teach For All |developing collective leadership to ensure all children can fulfil their potential globally
  • West London Zone | supporting children and young people in the UK to build the relationships and skills to thrive in adulthood.