Amara NZero is a leading energy transition player focused on decarbonisation, electrification, energy efficiency and digitalisation.

Headquartered in Madrid, Amara NZero is a global B2B distributor of products and services used in the energy transition market. Drawing on its extensive experience in sustainable energy, Amara NZero is a key contributor to the transition to a low-carbon economy. Amara NZero serves as a value-added supply chain partner for suppliers and clients, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services across three divisions: renewables (solar, wind and hydro), electrification and energy transition services. With a strong presence in Spain, Italy and Brazil and a growing footprint in the US, Mexico and other countries, Amara NZero is directly exposed to worldwide decarbonisation. Amara NZero’s proven management team leads the Company’s commitment to the global energy transition and fosters a strong corporate culture and ESG values.